How to Take Amazing Flower Photos – A Tutorial in Macro Photography

Flowers are one of my favorite photography subject. They can’t complain if the photo doesn’t come out right. Flowers also look very different when shot from different angles and zoom levels. Explore the flower from these different angles to get completely new photos. While taking photos indoors, the 2 most important things to keep in mind are lighting and background.

1) Choose a diffused light source like a large window or multiple lamps to throw light on the flowers. Harsh lighting sources can cause the photograph to look washed out.

2) Pick an uncluttered background such as a plain wall. You can even hang a cloth at a distance behind the flowers to get a plain solid colored background. Make sure that the background is far away from the subject. This ensures that it’s out of focus and also makes sure that no shadows fall on the background.

3) Chose a low depth of field. Keeping the depth of field low will reduce the background clutter and draw attention to the flower. Low depth of field is achieved by opening up the lens wide.

Outdoors, it’s tougher to control the background.

4) Moving around to change the angle of the shot can dramatically change the background. Choose an angle from where the background is far away from the flower itself. May photographers carry a few plain cloth sheets with them to use as backgrounds.

5) Carry a Macro lens or extension tubes. Macro lenses allow you to get closer to the subject and still focus on them. Extension tubes allow you to reuse your lenses and reduce the minimum focusing distance of your lenses. Since they don’t have any optical components, they don’t harm the image quality in any way.

6) Add an insect to the photograph to make it more interesting. The best time to photograph is during early morning since the insects are still inactive due to the night’s cold and dew.

7) Rain and Dew make the flower shots more interesting. Look for flowers with dew drops on them or just spray some yourself. Amazing Posting

Post processing of flower photos

8) You can always post process the photo to enhance it. Some of the common post processing techniques used in flower photos are cropping the photograph, increasing saturation to give richer colors, increasing contrast and brightness and adding vignetting effects. Vignetting effect is the dark shadows on the corners of the photograph’s frame often caused by the lens. Adding vignetting increases the focus to the center of the photograph.


46 Inch Samsung LCD TV

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