Winning Texas hold’em Strategy – Play on the River

If you’re still a player after the turn card, you should have a strong hand or a draw to a strong hand. With only one card left to see you want to be sure you don’t drown in the river. After the river you usually have only one or two opponents, but your hand is set, and you  pengeluaran sgpcan’t hope for any improvement.

Suppose you make that flush with the river card and there’s no pair on the board, or you hold some other monster hand, what should you do? Option one is to try for the checkraise, and option two is to bet outright. The proper play depends on the circumstances. Here’s an example from I hand I played at the Showboat in Atlantic City. I held a pair of pocket jacks, and from the betting it was clear my opponent held a set of threes. Lucky me – a jack popped up on the river! I was certain my opponent thought he had the best hand, and I knew he would bet. I checked. Sure enough he bet, and I raised. He realized he’d been trapped, but chose to call. I won a nice pot. Only checkraise if (1) you are certain you have the best hand, and (2) you are certain your opponent(s) will bet. If you can’t guarantee both of these conditions, don’t checkraise. Most of the time use option two and bet immediately. If you’re a serious player, much of the time you won’t even see the turn. You will have folded long before the dealer turns over this fourth community card. You’ve got to satisfy your tough requirements for starting hands and you must have seen a friendly flop to even get to the turn. If you’ve made it to the turn, you should be holding a good hand, a promising draw, or believe your bluff can pick up the pot. Warning: don’t rely on bluffing in a low stakes game. It won’t work because it doesn’t cost much for the others to stay in. In most Texas hold’em games the bet size increases on the turn betting round, so be sure your hand has value if you stay in.

Strategy after the turn is simpler than after the flop. If you feel you have the best hand, bet, or consider a checkraise with a monster hand. Only try a checkraise if you are positive another player will bet, otherwise you may end up giving your opponents a free card. Bet especially to keep others from drawing to a straight or flush. If the board isn’t threatening, raise when you have top pair or better, or an overpair. For example, if you have a pair of jacks, and the highest card the board shows is a nine, best strategy is to bet. Watch out if the board pairs and an opponent raises or bets, you may be facing a full house. Another aspect of betting on the turn is to bet if you think your opponents will fold. Be careful if the board shows three (or four) cards of the same suit unless you’ve made your flush. If you have the top two pair, consider raising unless the board is scary.

Most of the time the turn won’t help you. If you feel you don’t have the best hand, check. If you still need a card to complete a straight or flush try to see the river card as inexpensively as possible. Realize that if you check on the turn you show weakness, which may affect your betting strategy on the river. One of the benefits of owning a business is the wealth of help you get with it. But a common issue is customer service. From lack of hours, to lack of staff, it can become a problem quickly. But there are solutions that you can use. For instance, there is one where customer service reps are not only there 6 days out of the week, but are multilingual, meaning that can speak a number of different languages.

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