Toshiba Televisions – The History and The Lowdown

The Toshiba Company was not always named Toshiba. It originated in Tokyo, Japan and was created by the merging of two different companies in 1939. Shibaura Engineering Works, a manufacturer of heavy electrical engineering items merged with Hakunetsusha, an early manufacturer of electric lamps, to become one company called Tokyo Shibaura Electric. For short, many people would mesh the name together and call it Toshiba. In 1978, Toshiba became the official name for the company.

Toshiba Firsts
Toshiba has been an innovator and leader in producing cutting edge items since its beginning. In 1942, Toshiba created the first radar. In 1954, Toshiba created the first TAC digital computer. They brought about the first microwave ovens and transistor TV’s in 1959. 1971 came around and Toshiba gave us the first color video phone. In 1982, Toshiba developed the first MRI. The early version of the laptop computer we all prize today was developed first by Toshiba in 1986. Another item that you probably use often, the DVD, was created by Toshiba in 1995, and in 2005 they built upon tv kings app that technology by creating the HD DVD.

Mass Market
Toshiba signed a deal with Orion Electric, who is a mass market television and electrical product manufacturer. They made a deal to cooperate in creating mass market televisions to satisfy the demand for TV’s in the United States and all across North America. This contract deal lasted until 2008. The year 2004 brought an end to Toshiba making traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. This all happened with little fanfare, and in 2006 they tried out and quickly discontinued mass production of home plasma televisions. By 2007, Toshiba was investigating new technologies and developed their own kind of display for televisions called SED. They invested much time and technology into the new flat-panel TV’s that was becoming very popular in homes throughout the world.

Display Technology
CRT display was what Toshiba used in their TV’s for decades, but that type of outdated technology is no longer found in modern televisions. Plasma TV’s were not a big hit with Toshiba, but they were mass produced by them for a short time. Images form on a screen by neon gases and Xenon atoms. The problems that plasma saw were poor backlight in dark rooms, and they often developed the problem of having screen burned images when paired with gaming consoles or video players. As TV technology advanced, Toshiba began creating LED TV’s. It’s an advanced form of an LCD TV that Light Emitting Diodes for its backlighting, which brings a clear, crisp, and consistent image to the screen. It’s color display, picture quality, and overall performance has surpassed all other mass market television technologies that Toshiba has ever produced. The only downfall to the quality of Toshiba’s LED TV’s is the price. With advanced technology come higher TV prices. The wow factor that these new TV’s bring are justification enough for the consumer obviously, because these TV’s sell at a higher rate than their outdated predecessors.


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