The Variety of Tent Pegs

Whether you are car camping or are backpacking alone through the backwoods, having the correct tent pegs is important. When you purchase a tent, it will usually come with pegs included. These are sometimes sufficient, but will often need to be replace if you are doing serious camping or are in an area that has different or unusual soil.

Out of the box, most tents come with metal  industrial tent tent pegs that are usually thin and flimsy. If they are the kind that simply looks like a piece of round thick wire with a bend at the top, it is certain to get lost or bent. The metal ones that are shaped out of a flat piece of metal are more sturdy and will seem to hold into the ground much better.

Plastic tent stakes are often quite good. They will not bend, and if they are made out of a sturdy plastic, it will take quite a bit to break them. If backpacking and space is a concern, these will take up more space in your backpack and an alternate style should be considered.

For the backpacker who is trying to keep their pack as light as possible, every ounce will count. There is an entire industry devoted to ultra light backpacking. Tent stakes can take up a significant amount of weight. Because of this, titanium tent pegs offer a lightweight and durable option for people. They are going to be the sturdiest peg, but also the most costly.

Before setting out on the trail or to the campsite, make sure that you know the conditions where you are going to be pitching your tent. This will affect how you set things up and what type of tent peg should be used. If the ground is hard clay, a cheaper peg will not be strong enough to sink in. You are likely to bend or break your peg. Conversely, if you are tenting in a sandy area, the basic metal peg will pull right out of the ground. For these conditions, you need larger pegs specifically designed to work in sand.

As long as you have the right peg for the job, you are certain to have your tent up and secure in no time. You are then free to enjoy your camping with the peace of mind that your tent is properly staked. It will be able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain storms.


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