Proper Golf Club Fitting

The golf clubs displayed at golf shops and pro shops are built to standardized specifications. If the customer doesn’t fit those specs, the equipment won’t fit the customer. Without the proper club fit, Vclubshop no golfer will reach optimal performance. It is a necessity for golfers to receive a custom club fitting, from a trained and experienced club fitter, before making a golf club investment.

A good professional club fitter will test the following seven interrelated variables during a custom fitting session: shaft length; lie angle; shaft flex; shaft type; grip size; golf club head design; and set make up. Each variable is briefly explained below:

  • Shaft Length: Among other things, shaft length will impact where on the clubface the ball is consistently struck. The correct shaft length will prevent a golfer from having to alter a natural swing arc in order to make optimal impact.
  • Lie Angle: This is the angle formed by the shaft and sole of the club. Having a correct lie angle will cause the center of the clubhead to touch the ground. If the toe of the clubhead is raised, a Vclubshop hooking shot may result. Should the heel be raised, a push or slice may result.
  • Shaft Flex: The shaft flex impacts things such as trajectory, accuracy, distance and consistency. During the golf swing, the club “flexes” throughout until squarely meeting the ball at impact. An incorrect shaft flex significantly reduces the chance of making consistently solid contact.
  • Shaft Type: Here, again, personal characteristics make the decision. The composition of steel and graphite shafts, their kick (or bend) points, swing weights and torque ratings are considerations
  • Grip Size: The right grip size can impact the golfers ability to return the clubface to a square position and release the wrists through impact. Also, with the variety of grip compositions, personal preference is a determining factor.
  • Clubhead Design: With the advent of MOI (moment of inertia) importance, this factor has become a big consideration, particularly with higher handicappers. When shots are struck outside the sweet spot, a high MOI reduces twisting at impact, delivering shots closer to the target area.
  • Set Make Up: The new hybrid clubs have given golfers a wider range of choices in the clubs they carry in their bag, their set make up. Numerous lofts and designs in woods, hybrids, irons and wedges make the need for professional custom club fitting more important.

Due to the interrelatedness and number of variables, it is difficult, if not impossible for anyone aside from a professional to conduct a proper club fitting. Online golf club retailers offer club fitting, but often all factors aren’t considered. Club fitters should be able to give golfers personal attention and many often Vclubshop use technology in the form of launch monitors as one means of assessment.

A launch monitor typically measures clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance and overall distance. Measuring these characteristics, along with others, will help the club fitter select the proper clubs for each golfer. Many golf shops will offer club fitting without requiring club purchase, albeit for a fee.

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