Paintball Vest Black Ops Edition Now Available to the Public!

No soldier goes into battle without carrying the essentials. Ammo runs low, gaskets blow, guns jam, pistols, water, nutritional supplements, and more can make the difference between life and death on the battlefield. Traditionally, paintball vest have left us with much to desire. Weak stitching, awkward pouches, and bulky fittings made taking a vest into battle bothersome. If this sounds familiar you will be glad to hear Counter Strike is now offering their Paintball Vest Black Ops strap

Like all Counterstrike Paintball Vests it is constructed of heavy duty denier with 1/2″ interior foam to cushion your shoulders from the entire weight of your gear and it serves doubly as additional chest and back armor. The adjustable velcro straps at the shoulders and waist ensure a perfect firm fit. You don’t want a vest bouncing around when you are running on the field of combat. The new line can hold up to 6 pods and a CO2 tank, which are all secured by Velcro. This means your vest is totally customizable. New features found on the Paintball Vest Black Ops Edition include multiple pockets, a pull-down ID/ map flap, detachable communication pouch, and accessory rings. Bottom line is this new CounterStrike Line has everything. Check out the main features below:

Main Features:
Three large pockets
Three small pockets
Room for six pods
Tank pouch w/ quick-release securing strap
Adjustable Velcro Fitting
Belt Loops
Detachable cell phone/ radio pouch
Interior foam for cushioning
Pull-down map/ ID pouch

If you spend as much time on the scenario field as we do you know your gear directly impacts your enjoyment and comfort during a long day of battle. The Counter Strike vest has quickly become a favorite among our squad.



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