Marketing an Automated Truck Wash – What Sort of Website Should It Have?

Not long ago, someone asked me what type of website they ought they should have for their automated truck wash? Well, they should have an interactive website, and it should be somewhat of an industry portal, that is to say a place to go for people to get information about things in the industry. This means folks would come back often, providing a nice platform for advertising, and marketing various deals for customer reward programs. Of course there are many more aspects which are important when it comes to websites for such a small business, and an automated truck wash is a unique type of business, so let’s go ahead and talk about this for second shall we?

Truck drivers and fleet owners are always concerned that the automated truck wash won’t damage their decals, use excessive acid on their polished aluminum, or cause the deterioration of rubber The Benefits of an Enterprise Fleet Management Maintenance Program hoses, and other components on a truck. Obviously, they are also interested in quantity discounts, the time it takes to wash, and how the wash process actually works. Therefore there should be a “frequently asked questions” page which answers all those questions to their satisfaction. A list of questions which are asked by anyone who sends an e-mail or fills out a web form should also be added.

Having downloadable coupons, customer response feedback, and contact information is also an obvious group of pertinent information that must be on the site. Also how to get to the truck wash including a map, and one which is printable from the Internet makes sense. The branded image on the website should match the building, signage, brochures, and business cards. It should also have easy to load, fast downloading pages for mobile tech devices such as smart phones and tablets. There should also be separate pages with pictures of the interior of the truck wash, the mechanism, the building, and even an aerial view as well.

Action pictures are best, such as a truck being sprayed by the system, and a clean truck driving out. Pictures of the construction of the truck wash from start to finish are also a good idea as well as pictures of the employees, and something personal about them to make them real people. It might also be good to have an online newsletter in a PDF downloadable format, and also one that you will e-mail to all your former customers and current customers once or twice per month. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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