Internet business Versus Bricks and Mortar Business

I used to think of starting and operating several trading and consulting businesses, but after realizing the aspects of internet businesses, my plans for generating tremendous income in future have changed. I believe every business-minded people will experience this paradigm shift once they come to know of the internet business wonders that makes brick and mortar type of businesses outdated.

Starting an internet business doesn’t require go now much capital output compared to a typical brick and mortar business. Forget the costly commercial space rentals, furniture and employees that brick and mortar businesses require. A computer with an internet connection is all that’s needed as working capital for an internet business. Imagine the amount of money one can save just from that difference. Instead of operating the business at a four to five figures cost, some even six, why not reduce it to a two or three figure? The cost of operating an internet business would never exit three figures unless additional advertising expenses are accounted for.

The profit generated from an internet business is always higher than a brick and mortar business in terms of Return on Assets. Likewise, internet business owners will always earn more from what they’ve spent in the business compared to brick and mortar business owners. The reason for that is because brick and mortar business owners spend a lot of money to start and operate their business at a particular location. Where as, internet business owners spend much lesser on start-ups and operation. What really makes internet businesses so profitable is its ability to reach millions of customers worldwide through the internet while brick and mortar businesses can only reach and profit from customers around its location.

Both Internet businesses and brick and mortar businesses operate and are monitored differently. Internet businesses operate in a virtual marketplace and can be monitored anywhere as long as there’s a computer with an internet connection while brick and mortar type of business can only operate at a fixed physical location. What’s interesting about internet businesses is that the owners can operate and monitor his/her business at the comfort of home or while going on vacation and that, owners of brick and mortar business can’t do.

Life would certainly be a bliss as an internet entrepreneur because they are the ones who can stay at home or travel and make money at the same time unlike brick and mortar entrepreneur who is forever stuck at the same location and struggling to keep operation cost at minimal in order for the business to stay alive.

A brick and mortar business is a term used mainly on the internet to differentiate between companies that are based solely online and those that have a real-world location. A brick and mortar business has a commercial address made of “brick and mortar” where customers can transact face-to-face. And the company might also have an online presence. It is necessary to point out the differences between an internet business and an online brick and mortar business before you decide which one would work best for you.

Why would people try to make money on the internet with a brick and mortar business? Some of these types of e-commerce, home business, and mail order business are best served by, or even require a hands-on base of operations to provide their services.

Internet business owners can operate and monitor their business at home or while going on vacation and make money at the same time. They believe the brick and mortar type of businesses are outdated. The word “security” goes a long ways with many people who still enjoy dealing with a store having a physical storefront and with a customer service counter. There will be many, many years where people will still demand to talk with a responsible manager.

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