Can You Really Make Your Own Compost Bin?

These days, there is a resurgence of interest in things homemade. I’m sure the economic downturn has had something to do with it, because it is more cost effective to make things at home. Compost is no exception, but can you really make your own compost bin? Find out now.

What is compost?

Basically, it is the broken down organic material which has been left to rot. Things like leaves, egg shells, vegetable peelings, coffee grinds, grass and hair clippings, and yard waste get mixed together.

By maintaining a few optimum conditions, the raw compostable materials mix with bacteria in the air and soil and decompose. After enough time has kompostownik z palet passed, the original material is no longer recognizable. All you are left with is nutrient-rich compost.

Why do you need a compost bin?

Using a compost bin helps create those optimum conditions for the most efficient breakdown. But you don’t need to use a bin. You can use piles or tumblers, too. The reason for using one of these is to create a large enough mass to generate and maintain the heat and moisture created in the composting process.

Why use a compost bin?

Using a compost bin allows you to keep the raw materials neatly contained in one place. Having sides to enclose the compostables means they will not blow away with the wind or fall to the ground, as they might if they were just piled into a pile.

A tumbler would fulfill the same purpose. The only difference is that a tumbler makes mixing, also known as turning over, the compost pile, much easier.

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