46 Inch Samsung LCD TV

Samsung has revolutionized HDTV technology with the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV. This product has many features that put it at the top of Samsung televisions. Its outstanding picture quality, fantastic speakers, and other useful features make this a must have product for anyone who wants to have an enjoyable viewing experience.

The Samsung 46 inch LCD TV contains unbelievable picture quality. The design of the entire television is really slim and sleek and the product has a transparent finish that protrudes translucent color. The scenes on the screen appear extremely bright and the colors pop out and look more realistic than any other hdTV. Even darker scenes appear brighter and the scenes look more enhanced due to the reduction of glare. The angle view of the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV is simply incredible. It is easily viewed from anywhere in the room. The 178-degree viewing angle makes the viewing experience enjoyable and equal for everyone watching. This television also possesses a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 which creates better quality colors and a better variety of them. 55au7700

Another great feature of the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV is its ability to be connected to multiple multi media devices. The television has 4 hdmi inputs which allows you to connect multiple devices to the television. You can plugin satellite cables, cameras, mp3 players, and more. You and your family can sit down and watch slide shows on the clear and crisp television and you can play your favorite songs and enjoy the high quality speakers. The hdmi inputs also allow you to play video games on this television which provides high definition quality to the gaming experience.

The Samsung 46 inch LCD TV also comes with an outstanding speaker system called TruSuround. These speakers are so high quality that they create a virtual surround sound feel to the room. This saves you money because you don’t have to go out and buy extra speakers to create a surround sound experience. The television provides excellent audio quality and dialogue is clear and crisp.

You can even get up to the date news, weather, and sports with the ethernet plug in. You can even connect your computer to the Samsung 46 inch LCD TV and play movies or music, that is located on your computer, on the television.

The Samsung 46 inch LCD TV provides many important features that enhance the viewing experience and make this television one of the best that Samsung has to offer. You can read reviews on this product and also buy it on learning-about.com/SamsungLCDTV.


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